Day Picnics to Resorts around Bangalore

I was searching for some good resorts which are not too heavy on pocket yet they provide a good day outing on Saturday and Sunday. Depending upon your mood you can select from any of these below. I am sure reading the description below you will find the right one for your weekend getway trip from Bangalore

I have given the website details below, so you can visit for more details. This will help you cut through the crap of 100s of available resorts and quickly decide on the best ones. 



Nandi hills - 4 secrets

 What is the secret to enjoying Nandi Hills? The secret is to get there before sunrise, see the spelindid view of sunrise and then go bird watching on the hills. Ever thought about this plan? You can enjoy the cool weather of the hills and it seems like you are on one of the top hill stations in India.

Nandi Hills

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